Dudh Sagar (Doodh Sagar) waterfalls in South India

The Dudh Sagar (Doodh Sagar) waterfall is situated near the border of Goa and Karnataka states of south India. Perched on the lofty peaks of the Western Ghats, the Dudh Sagar waterfalls offer unrivalled beauty and amazing scenery full of exquisite charms when in full flux after the monsoon showers. The falls was made famous recently by some of the movies shot at this location. the falls is almost 600 meters in height.


The place is accessible by train followed by walking through the railway tracks or by off-road vehicles from Goan side of the border.

How to reach

Option 1: Hire an off-road vehicle

I personally had taken the off-road option. I tried to go all the way in my bike but the overflowing streams stopped me from going further on my bike and had to hire a vehicle to reach the bottom of the fall. The off-road drive in itself is an amazing experience, as you go through the streams the water even gushes into the vehicle. Keep all you bags and other items on your lap, if you are going to hire an off-road vehicle.

The drivers will take you through the jungles of western guards to reach the waterfall. You can jump into a small natural pool at the bottom of the falls to enjoy your time and will be able enjoy the scenic view of the falls with a railway bridge cutting the falls into two equal halves.


Option 2: Get down at castle rock station and walk ( or take goods train)

The trains between Bangalore and Panaji stops at castle rock station. You can follow the railway track towards west to reach the waterfalls. You will surely enjoy the waterfall however; will not be able to get into the water.

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The walk is also slippery yet enjoyable in monsoon (rainy) season. Be vigilant of the occasional trains and blood sucking leaches and mosquitoes while walking on the tracks.

If allowed, you can also board occasional goods train passing through this station to get down at falls.


Option 3: enjoy it from far, see the full picture

The dudhsagar view point is an excellent place to watch the falls in full view. Getting near the falls might be awesome but the full view of the falls from far is simply breathtaking.

If you haven’t visited this location yet, Its time to pack your backpack and get going.

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